Men’s Health GP Education Symposium 2015

Our annual Men's Health GP Education symposium was held on Saturday 8th August 2015 in the new Cabrini Auditorium on the second floor of the Malvern hospital site.
The exciting event attracted GP's and Health professionals from all over Victoria and two from interstate and awarded 40 RACGP QI and CPD points to the participants.

  • Session 1 Diabesity
    Three specialists spoke about the incidence of obesity and diabetes, managing these high-risk patients, sleep apnoea and surgery to assist the morbidly obese.
  • Session 2 Dermatology
    Three specialists provided an overview of skin cancers, surgery for skin cancers and contemporary treatment of metastatic melanoma.
  • Session 3 The ageing male patient
    Three specialists provided current information about testosterone replacement, the latest information about diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Session 4 The vice of life
    Information from professional health workers about drug and alcohol issues. The importance of looking holistically at the patient using the psychosocial model. Information about Dads in Distress Support Services (DIDSS) and the importance of providing men with support and advice particularly when they are going through separation and divorce.

Please find copies of the presentations below:

Session 1: Diabesity

Presentation 1: Dr Karen McNeil

Presentation 2: Dr Chris Daley

Presentation 3: Paul Burton

Session 2

Presentation 1: Dr Yan Pan

Presentation 2: Dr Nick Houseman

Presentation 3: Dr Oliver Klein

Session 3:

Presentation 1: Carolyn Allan

Presentation 2: Mr Jeremy Grummet

Presentation 3: Daniel Moon

Session 4:

Presentation 1: Charlie Nash

Presentation 2: Laurence Anderson

To view the video presentations of the event, please visit our page on This is an external site for GP's and may require registration.