Business Breakfast 2015

24 May 2015

On Wednesday 17 June 2015 during International Men’s Health Week, Foundation 49: Men’s Health held our annual Business Breakfast at the RACV Club in Burke Street Melbourne.

Over 200 participants braved a cold Melbourne winter morning to attend this terrific event and everyone left the venue warmed by the amazing information, stories and passion from the speakers and panelists. The theme of the event was ‘inspiration and motivation’ and all the speakers provided both during their conversation. The event was held together by the excellent MC Ian Goldsmith and was attended by the State Minister for Health the Honorable Jill Hennessy MP who made an announcement about future funding for prostate cancer research.

Dr Peter Larkins, an ex Olympic athlete, sports physician and well known media personality was the key note speaker. He gave an impressive account of the health of Australian males and many current statistics pointing to obesity and lack of activity, as leading contributors to the poorer health of Australian males – the take home messages - eat fresh, nutritious food and get some activity, even 5 minutes per day makes an enormous difference.

Justin McLean founder if THRIVOR describes himself as not a survivor but a ‘thrivor’ of cancer. Justin spoke about his amazing journey as a young man of 40 diagnosed with bowel cancer. He showed a moving video clip where he documents his journey through treatment and recovery. His ultimate challenge to undertake an astonishing cycling trip in Corsica, with both events testing his endurance and resolution.

Marcus Padley stockbroker and media personality talked about his heart health scare and how this condition, motivated him to reflect on his lifestyle and the importance of family . After making some life changing decisions, Marcus has become fit by undertaking martial arts, is a black belt in Shukokai and he runs marathons with his wife. Marcus syys “I took the decision to treat my heart as a muscle and ‘work it out’. He says “everyone needs a ‘mortal moment’ in their life to realise just how precious it is.”

Nic Stirzaker is Foundation 49: Men’s Health Ambassador, he is from the RaboDirect Melbourne Rebels and spoke earnestly about young men having goals to aspire to in their lives and to keep themselves healthy and fit. Nic talked about the challenges facing an elite young sportsman and how he has to be focussed in order to succeed. He explained about his challenges with injury, one of the major risks of playing Rugby Union and how to rise above disappointment in pursuit of excellence.

Associate Professor Steve Ellen is a psychiatrist who appears on Melbourne ABC Radio as part of "Bill & Steve's Radio Adventure" exploring the latest issues in medicine. Steve is passionate about medical education, and has taught medical students and psychiatry trainees for many years. Steve encouraged the men in the audience to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing and not to wait if they have a health problem but to go and get it checked out.

Associate Professor Gary Richardson thanked the Dr Larkins and the panel for their inspiration and motivation. Unfortunately there was no time for questions but the feedback has been brilliant- see you next year!

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health minister
peter larkin
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gary on stage
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