Sydney Male Health Awareness Ball 15 June 2016

8 July 2016

On Friday 8 July, Professor Bernie Marshall member of the Foundation 49: Men’s Health Council and Penny Christie Health Promotion Advisor for Foundation 49, received a cheque from Vik and Bhavisha Parmer-Bhandari, from Financial Reporting Specialists (FRS) the  proceeds from their highly successful Men’s Health Awareness Ball. Held on Wednesday 15 June during International Men’s Health Week in Sydney, the fantastic event attracted 220 men from all across Sydney who were willing to make a stand for the importance of Men’s Health and wellbeing and to assisting in delivering information to the community.

Vic and Bhavisha have been delighted with the response to their dedication and enthusiasm and the support from the public. They are planning to hold the event again next year which is fantastic news. Professor Bernie Marshall explained that Foundation 49 looks at the whole life span of men through their Decades of Life and is not disease specific. Penny Christie explained that we still need to get more information out there, encouraging men to have an annual check-up at the very least, but also to know their family history to ensure they know what they may be at risk of developing. A Man’s life is affected by genetics 25% and modifiable risk factors 75%.

A huge thank you to Vik and Bhavisha for their commitment to Men’s Health and the fantastic donation of $11,500 to Foundation 49: Men’s Health

For more men’s health information and to see what you should look out for in your health decade go to

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