Suicide is in the news: will you help us take action?

13 July 2016

For a while, the election focused attention on suicide prevention, with an alliance of leading mental health advocates challenging all candidates to take a stand. A survey of electorates found the suicide rate was higher than the road toll in all of them, in some cases, suicides were triple the road toll.(1)

The political focus has shifted to the uncertain election outcome, but the deaths by suicide continue and the rate is increasing, especially among men and young people. In a recent survey period, suicide by men aged 55 to 64 was up almost 60%.(2)

Australia has some of the highest suicide rates in the world, but this doesn’t have to be. In other places, intervention programs have reduced suicide rates by more than 50%. People who survive suicide attempts can go on to live rich and productive lives.

It’s time to do something.

Actually, a lot of things. Multi-faceted, community-based approaches matched to local situations seem to work the best.

One way you can help make a difference, right now, is to make a small donation to the crowd funding campaign by the Australian Men’s Health Forum to produce an information paper that will help people understand suicide and know how to help someone at risk. It will help in families and in workplaces.

Please go to and search “suicide prevention” or go direct to Do it now– there are only days left for this campaign.


  2. reported by the ABC in “Middle-aged Australians drive rise in national suicide rate” at