Nic Stirzaker is the Foundation 49: Men’s Health Ambassador & Captain of the RaboDirect Melbourne Rebels

1 September 2016

Nic is passionate about Men’s Health and encourages all men of all ages to take their physical and mental seriously.

Nic says, "Women generally take better care of their health than men. They eat healthier, drink less alcohol, and are more active. They also tend to take less risks and seek attention when unwell and as a result live longer than men. Men tend to ignore both their physical and mental health. Especially those in sedentary work who fail to eat well and can become trapped in a cycle of poor health behaviour of which the consequences can be fatal."

He adds, "There are easy choices to be made in your diet and particularly portion size. Information about healthy eating is more readily available than ever before on the internet. One of the easiest things to do is eat more natural foods and cut down on processed foods. Ask yourself where it came from!"

Nic admits that activity is also crucial for good health. "The other side is exercise. Something as small as taking the stairs instead of the lift, when added up, can really help in burning calories and kick-starting the metabolism. Have a great Father's day and enjoy being the centre of attention for the day!"

Nic smiling