Hitting a 6 for men's health, howzat!

21 February 2017

Foundation 49 is very pleased to have partnered with the EJ Whitten Foundation by providing our Men's Health Toolkit booklet to all who attended the Melbourne Stars family days and home games at the MCG over the course of December 2016 and January 2017.

Being involved with the Melbourne Stars Big Bash League team during the summer stream was a great way to connect directly with men at a meaningful time and place for them - the cricket match.

The Foundation 49 Men’s Health Toolkit booklet proved very popular being directly provided to 100+ males and visible to many more over the course of season. During the Casey Family day held at Casey Fields, the EJ Whitten Foundation checked the blood pressure and weight of 70 males enabling conversations with them and as a guide about their health behaviours, used the ‘F49 Men’s Health Toolkit Booklet decades of life information’ as one of the main aids.

If you haven't read it yet, we strongly recommend you source and read this booklet to enable you to proactively manage your own health through the decades of your life. Get your copy now >>

About EJ Whitten Foundation
The EJ Whitten Foundation is in its 21st year and is a charity promoting Men’s Health Awareness supporting prostate cancer awareness. The Foundation has raised more than $10 million dollars used to promote Men’s Health Awareness and fund research into prostate cancer.

As part of the Foundations broader push into promoting Men’s Health Awareness a partnership with the Victorian State Government has been created to deliver a community awareness program with three primary objectives:
1. Improve Men’s Health Knowledge and Behaviours
2. Provide opportunities for connection
3. Act

We are encouraging all males to:
1. See your GP for a general health check
2. Understand your healthy weight range
3. Check and know blood pressure
4. Speak with someone about your own health

In its second year, the program has had direct contact with 7,500 males in the target audience, 85+ hours of discussion, 750 direct interventions discussing options for proactive health management and over 100 general blood pressure and weight tests as a guide for proactive health management. 

For further information about the EJ Whitten Foundation Community Programs visit: www.ejwhittenfoundation.com.au/community