Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

10 August 2016

During winter when people are more reluctant to venture outdoors and the sun sporadically shines between the clouds, we may become Vitamin D deficient. You may be thinking why the fuss, but Vitamin D has a vital function in the body’s calcium production by supporting growth and maintenance of the skeleton and assisting to regulate the absorption and levels of calcium in the blood.

Sunshine is important but we all know the risks of too much exposure which can be harmful. In southern Australia, Vitamin D levels can drop dramatically in the winter and many people are at risk of low Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is common in Australia with over 30% of adults having a mild, moderate or even severe deficiency. According to Osteoporosis Australia you may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency if you are:

  • Elderly and housebound or in residential care.
  • Naturally dark skinned (darker skin reduces the penetration of UV light).
  • Avoiding the sun for skin protection or due to medical advice for other medical reasons.
  • Working indoors (may include office, factory, night shift workers).
  • Covering your body for cultural or religious reasons.
  • Affected by other medical conditions that can impact on your ability to absorb / process vitamin D.
  • Babies of vitamin D deficient mothers.


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