Butt out (the smokes) and buzz into life

Most of us know we shouldn’t smoke and know the risks involved – but how will you feel when you stop? What are the benefits?

As soon as you stop smoking your body begins to repair itself . . .

Within 6 hours
• Your heart rate slows and your blood pressure decreases

Within 1 day
• Almost all of the nicotine is out of your bloodstream
• The level of carbon monoxide in your blood has dropped and oxygen can more easily reach your heart and muscles
• Your fingertips become warmer and your hands steadier

Within 1 week
• Your sense of taste and smell may improve
• Your lungs’ natural cleaning system starts to recover and removes mucus, tar and dust from your lungs (also helped by exercise)
• You have higher blood levels of protective antioxidants such as vitamin C

After 1 year
• Your lungs are now healthier and you’ll be breathing easier than if you’d kept smoking

Quit now because you owe it to yourself and your loved ones – buzz into life now!

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